We are now social, or whatever that means.

Going social isnt as easy as it sounds. I feel like the awkward chubby kid at my 8th grade dance trying to get the nerve to ask Lindsey Legs for a dance.  It cant be that hard, everyone else is out there holding hands and slowly spinning around to stairway to heaven.  It’s time for me to pull up my red tough skin corduroy pants, march across that parquet floor and give it my best.  So here goes Lindsey.  This is my first official blog post to an audience of about 10.  With a little charm and a few suave dance moves, I will have you all enjoying my witty insight on the daily ins and outs of life here at Alternative Sales. Demonstrating why you should if nothing else, stop in and see what’s going on.  Even if it’s just peaking in on our new website or Facebook page, just to say hello.  In the next few weeks, we will begin our email campaigns to inform you all about the hottest new products, awesome pricing specials, and to introduce you to our featured restaurants and chefs.  I know, I know, it’s exactly what you all have been waiting for.  Well the time has come, so tell all your friends to be ready.  In the meantime, me an Lindsey are heading for the janitors closet, so see you soon.

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